Bib Sky Pro Black 203 RECYCLED FABRICS Women Fit


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SKY Bib is a high quality Bib, with Italia Pad made in Aerodynamic fabric.

Bib shorts are the result of testing and active collaboration with professional teams & are made from compressive and highly functional, pre-dyed fabric. A new and carefully elaborated cut provides better aerodynamics and ensures maximum comfort when riding. These elastic bibs are constructed with seams for greater comfort positioned. The pad is a hard pad.

Introducing the SKY Pro Bib, crafted from aerodynamically optimized 100% RECYCLED FABRICS for performance-driven cyclists. Engineered with an Elastic Interface cycling pad, this bib ensures unparalleled comfort and support throughout your ride, allowing you to focus solely on the journey ahead.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Elastic Interface pad is renowned for its commitment to performance and innovation, chosen by top cycling apparel brands worldwide. Embracing sustainability, our ECO Performance fabric is crafted from recycled yarn, reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Our bibs are meticulously developed with the ethos that they should be the ultimate choice for cyclists, whether embarking on short spins or epic journeys. The sensation of weightlessness while riding is indescribable, a feeling encapsulated by the SKY Pro Bib. Carefully selected materials are aimed at reducing wind resistance, enhancing speed, and efficiency on the road.

The SKY Pro Bib is tailored for cyclists who demand the best from their gear, delivering optimal aerodynamics and speed. Comfort is paramount, with the bib designed for hours of uninterrupted riding without discomfort. You may even forget you're wearing them, thanks to their impeccable fit.

Central to the bib's design is its premium French-made cycling pad, slightly firmer than our Endurance 3D pad, ensuring maximum protection and comfort during long and demanding rides. The bib's longer straps cater to taller riders, providing enhanced support and comfort, while the higher waistline offers added stability.

Experience the pinnacle of performance and comfort with the SKY Pro Bib, where every detail is crafted to elevate your cycling experience to new heights. Ride with confidence, knowing you've chosen the best.

High front 

The Anti-slip leg ending with internal silicone gripper.

Elastic Interface cycling pads, using the latest technologies.It provides maximum protection and incredible comfort during long and demanding rides.

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