Our Story

TwelveSixteen is a Danish lifestyle fashion bicycle brand that was launched in May 2017. Today, our products are sold across virtually all of Europe. Our collection reflects a passion for sport, outdoor, and cycling innovation, with a keen focus on fashion.

The Inspiration Behind Our Name

The name TwelveSixteen (12.16) comes from a historic record set by Brian Holm in 1982. He completed a 10 km ride on a steel frame bike with aluminum wheels on the roads around Amager.

Commitment to Quality

At TwelveSixteen, we are committed to absolute quality in our products. Our clothing is manufactured exclusively from the finest materials, using the latest technology. This combination ensures our products are at the forefront of technology, functionality, and comfort, while also looking excellent.

Continuous Innovation

We continuously strive to improve our gear to meet the high-performance demands of modern cycling while delivering maximum comfort. For 2021, we have made several enhancements to our summer jerseys, and upgraded the materials used for our long-sleeved jerseys for moderately cold weather.

Nordic Minimalistic Design

Our TwelveSixteen cycling wear is designed with a Nordic minimalistic touch. The cycling wear meets high-performance demands, incorporating extremely lightweight and breathable Razor fabric. It is constructed in an aerodynamic form fit to reduce air drag.

Professional Collaboration

Our gear results from extensive testing and active collaboration with professional teams. Made from compressive and highly functional fabric, our new cut provides better aerodynamics and ensures maximum comfort. The elastic bibs feature bonded seams for greater comfort, mesh inserts for better elasticity, and flat seams for maximum comfort.

Caring for the Environment

Our position is clear: if you can take care of the environment, you should. We never compromise on the quality standard set for 12.16. Most of our casual products are made from organic or recycled materials. We will continue to focus on sustainability without compromising quality.

Join the TwelveSixteen Community

All customers are important to us, whether you are a world-class star or just starting in the cycling sport. We provide the same innovative products to everyone.

Thank you for choosing TwelveSixteen. Ride with passion, ride with style.