Sky Pro Long Jersey Blue


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 SKY Pro:  

The SKY Pro Jersey is the culmination of years of research and development by professional cyclists and industry experts. Every aspect of this jersey has been carefully considered and crafted to provide the ultimate performance and comfort.

The precision fit of the SKY Pro Jersey is achieved through advanced pattern-making and construction techniques. The fabric is cut to create a seamless, second-skin fit that hugs the body without restricting movement. This provides a streamlined profile that reduces drag and increases aerodynamics, making it easier to cut through the air and reach higher speeds.

The minimalist design of the SKY Pro Jersey not only looks sleek and stylish, but also serves a practical purpose. By reducing the amount of material used in the construction of the jersey, weight is kept to a minimum, further enhancing its aerodynamic properties. Additionally, the absence of bulky features like zippers and pockets ensures a smooth surface that doesn't catch the wind.

Despite its streamlined design, the SKY Pro Jersey still manages to incorporate a number of functional features. The laser-cut sleeves and pockets provide a clean finish that reduces friction and irritation against the skin. The elastic silicone bands at the bottom of the jersey keep it securely in place, while the reflective elements provide added visibility and safety when riding in low-light conditions.

Overall, the SKY Pro Jersey is a testament to the advancements in cycling apparel design and technology. It represents the perfect blend of form and function, providing both style and performance for the discerning cyclist. If you're looking for a cycling jersey that can keep up with your demands and push you to new heights, look no further than the SKY Pro Jersey.

The precise cut that gives the last aerodynamic advantage and ensures maximum comfort during driving. This is the Jersey that makes people take a second look. In short, a lightweight cycling jersey in a tight fit for when you want speed and lightness. It is designed in a minimalist style and to meet the demands of the high-performance cyclist.

It is made in an extremely light and breathable fabric and is constructed in an aerodynamic shape that reduces air resistance.

- Laser cut sleeves

- 3 laser cut pockets on the back.

- Elastic silicone band at the bottom to ensure comfort

- Reflective effects for increased safety

- Concealed zipper with semi-auto lock, which makes it easy to zip up and down with one hand

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