Probably the best bibs

Cycling shorts with bibs, also known as bib shorts, are a must-have for any serious cyclist. They are designed to provide the best possible comfort and support during long rides.

Bib shorts are made of lightweight and breathable material that helps regulate body temperature and keeps you dry and comfortable. They are also form-fitting, which helps reduce wind resistance and improve aerodynamics.

One of the biggest advantages of bib shorts is their suspenders, which keep the shorts in place and prevent them from slipping down or bunching up. This means you can avoid uncomfortable situations where you need to adjust your shorts during a ride.

Additionally, bib shorts have a special pad in the crotch area, designed to provide extra support and reduce friction and chafing between the skin and the saddle. This is crucial for avoiding uncomfortable injuries and irritations.

So if you want the best cycling experience, bib shorts are an important piece of equipment that you shouldn't underestimate.