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SKY Jersey: Loose Fit

Welcome to the most innovative world of cycling jerseys, where we invite you in. Innovation happens when we dare to think outside the box and strive for perfection – just like on the bike.

The SKY Jersey is crafted from the ground up with input from professionals and cyclists alike. Its precise cut provides excellent aerodynamic advantage and ensures maximum comfort during your rides. This is the jersey that makes people look twice – clean and simple in design.

In short: a cycling jersey with a loose fit, perfect when you want speed and ease along with a good fit. Designed in a minimalist style and tailored for the recreational cyclist.

The introduction of the SKY Jersey is the result of years of research and development from cyclists and experts in the industry. Every aspect of this jersey has been carefully considered and developed to deliver ultimate performance and comfort.

The precise fit is achieved through advanced construction techniques, creating a streamlined profile and enhancing aerodynamics, allowing you to slice through the air more easily and reach higher speeds.

But most importantly, the SKY Jersey focuses on your comfort:

Laser-cut sleeves: Designed to sit smoothly and comfortably against the skin, without irritating seams.

3 spacious rear pockets: Perfect for storing your essentials like snacks, phone, and keys, so you can stay focused on the ride.

Elastic silicone band at the bottom: These bands keep the jersey securely in place without being too tight, allowing you to enjoy every kilometer without discomfort.

Reflective effects: For increased visibility and safety, especially when cycling in low light conditions.

Hidden zipper with semi-auto lock: Easy to open and close with one hand, so you can adjust the temperature on the go without hassle.

Overall, the SKY Jersey is evidence of the advances in design and technology within cycling apparel. It represents the perfect balance between form and function, providing both style and performance for the discerning cyclist. If you're looking for a cycling jersey that can keep up with your demands and take you to new heights, look no further than the SKY Jersey.

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